The Program

Our reseller program is based on the concept of creating long and lasting relationships with our sales agents or distributors, by which with no investments on their behalf will allow them to generate high commissions and ongoing residuals income. To assure the success of the sales efforts of our network of resellers, we offer a package of multiple unique products which will almost guarantee a sale at every contact to almost any type of business.

Some of our products can be offered for ‘FREE” to retailers in order to minimize any resistance to subscribing to our services, and thus help start generating immediate income to our sales agent It is also our commitment to provide our sales partners with all the tools and support needed to generate new business through their existing customer portfolio or through any new contact. To qualify as a reseller it is required fill out the online application and order a marketingand samples kit at a minimal cost. We welcome the opportunity to explain in detail our programs, assuring complete satisfaction with our service and support.

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