Our company

American Cards Corp. founded and incorporated in 2002 in the State of Florida has been in the business of providing consulting services and marketing expertise to independent businesses, corporations, churches and nonprofit organizations in order to help them increase their number of new customers or members, and ultimately increase income ad profits.

With over 40 years of experience in the retail environment not only in the United States, but in multiple countries, we have acquired the necessary expertise, so that together with our team of experts, we can support any type of organization enhance their company merchandizing and sales process.

What we offer

Just as there are companies specializing in providing advertising solutions, web design and social media management, we specialize in offering marketing consulting services and customer acquisition and retention programs and solutions that allow businesses to maximize their efforts of acquiring new customers, maintain their loyal ones, boost store traffic, and increase the customer’s average spending per visit.

Our products

The American Cards programs and applications are among the most useful, easy to use and powerful marketing tools available for any business.

The correct implementation of a loyalty and rewards program, a VIP or gift card program, or post card with detachable coupons program are not only very cost effective, but have a very quick return of the investment.

Our programs are not only easy to acquire, but require minimal daily management and with our support, we will assure their initial correct and adequate implementation.

Why us

We are a serious and responsible organization.

We provide customized services and support

We measure our success, by the success of our customers

Many business owners are so consumed with the administration and daily management of their business, that they lack the time, knowledge, or creativity to benefit from the tools and opportunities available on the market today that can help them increase their sales and profits

Being an external consulting entity, we can detect the strengths and of the business, and provide corrections or recommendations for new alternatives and solutions that would certainly not only increase any bottom line profits but enhance corporate image.