Our Gift Card program is an easy solution that offers multiple opportunities and benefits for retail traders. We offer a “no cost per transaction” program that allows any business to implement a very profitable and easy to use gift card programs.

Limited investment.

With our accessible pricing, you will implement your Gift Card program and control your investment and maintenance costs.

No special equipment is required.

The Gift Card program operates from an internet accessible personal computer or tablet with a Windows operating system and optional standard bar code scanners, magnetic readers and receipt printers.

No costs per transaction.

Banks and other card processors charge between $0.25 and $0.30 cents per transaction. With our Gift Card program, there are no costs per transaction.

No contracts to sign

Banks and other card processors require a long term contract to use their services. With American Cards no contracts are required and you can cancel the service anytimet.

Benefits for having a Gift Card Program

Capture and attract new customers.

Each person who receives a gift card from your business can become a new customer. It’s the most economic and cost effective method to acquire a new customer. The more gift cards you sell, the more new potential customers you are likely to acquire

Generate sales and deliver products or services in the future.

Every time a gift card from your business is sold, you are receiving the “cash” instantly. Delivery of the product or service could take place at any time in the future

Generate additional sales and income

In many occasions customers that consume with a gift card spend more of the value on the card, or in many cases don’t consume the total amount, which will never be claimed again. ????

No more “cash refunds” for returned goods.

Give a gift card and not “cash” for returned goods, and have your customer spend their credit in your business and not with a competitor

Enhance the image of your business.

Each gift card has your logo and images. There is a no more effective tool to use as a reminder opf your business than carrying the card in a wallet or purse

Prromote special and punctual events.

Cards can be printed with different designs and special offers to generate special promotions during important dates and events

Use as discount coupons.

Design and use gift cards for discounts or special offers as coupons. Very effective to generate additional sales, or move products or services of special interest